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June 2022 ( Write our own. – Description copied from Burlington Club )

Betts Mine, in Plainfield, Massachusetts, is an old manganese mine located in the Hawley mineral belt of metamorphosed hydrothermal massive sulfide deposits. It is well-known for producing rhodonite and rhodocrosite specimens that may be polished into striking cabochons. Cummingtonite, almandine–spessartine garnet, pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, and manganese oxides have also been found. This mine is open to collectors only with the prior permission of the owners. Since much of the collecting is on dumps excavated from the four main mineral zones, shovels, trowels, and other garden-type digging tools, as well as screens, will be most useful. Small hammers may are useful to chip rocks coated with black manganese oxides when searching for rhodonite and rhodocrosite.

May 2022

Fossil Collecting Upstate NY.

The weekend will consist of visits to four (4) quarries. Saturday will be the Cobleskill Quarry in

Cobleskill, NY and Schohaire Quarry in Schohaire, NY. Sunday will be the Peckham Catskill Quarry in

Catskill, NY and Calourusso’s Greenport Quarry in Hudson, NY.