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Due to Covid restrictions, the 2021 Worcester Mineral Club Annual Show is canceled.


Our next meeting: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 7pm on Zoom.

Meeting info will be emailed to members and available in member newsletter.

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In late October, we will be going to the Tripp and Clark Mine in New Hampshire. Watch your emails for the signup announcement, usually available first in the newsletter (to be emailed to members during the second week of October).

We are also working on scheduling a field trip for early November.

WMC members have been treated to a robust field trip season so far in 2021! We’ve enjoyed a fabulous variety of successful mineral collecting field trips, including Quabbin Aqueduct Shaft 10, the Hewitt Mine in CT, and fossil sites in upstate New York early in the season. In June, July, and early August, we had some remarkable field trips to 4 classic collecting sites in Western Massachusetts: The Betts Manganese Mine, Loudville Lead Mines, Barrus Pegmatite, and Chester Emery Mines. In mid-August, we enjoyed the Keating Quarry in Lunenburg, MA; and then in late August, many of us travelled north to Hayes Ledges and the Tamminen Quarry in Greenwood, ME, plus the Havey Quarry in Poland, ME. In early September, several members ventured out to our Herkimer claims in Fonda, NY. In the second half of the month, we went to two pegmatite mines in New Hampshire, the Beauregard and Chickering Mines.

Members can sign up for upcoming field trips when a trip is announced in the member newsletter, or in an announcement email sent to all current members.